BIG Production Cows

Stock Type: Cows

Number of Stock: 700

Breed Percentage: 100 Holstein Friesian

BW Average: -5

PW Average: 33

Recent Ancestry Percentage 96%

Description The complete split calving herd is for sale for 01.06.22. Made up of 520 Spring calvers and 180 Autumn calving cows. It is intended the autumn calving herd will be sold in milk. Well fed and well bred these cows averaged 711kgMS/cow at the factory last season. They have impressive temperament, are well conditioned and exhibit top dairy type. It's a rare thing to find a herd that ranks in the top 10 of per cow production herds in NZ and milking a substantial number. If you want to find cows that know how to fill the vat, look no further! Spring herd calving from 01.08.22

Preferred deliver/settlement date: 01/06/2022

Herd Tested:

AB Company: CRV

Expected Calving Date: 01/08/2022

A2 Tested: No

TB Status: C10

Price: On Request

Agent Name: Ross and Nigel Riddell

Agent Email: or

Agent Phone: 027 2111112 or 027 4343153